Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Evaluation of course

No course is complete without a student evaluation. Profs should open themselves  up to criticism so they can improve. Here's your chance, bloggers!


  1. 1. How would you improve the class?

    I really thought of possible ways to improve the class and I can't put my finger on anything. It was a great class and I think as it progresses it will improve on it's own, but people finding out how to do more things and different ideas and such.

    2. What was the most valuable part of the class?

    The most valuable part of this class definitely would be just being able to blog and figure my way around the blog world. As we have talked about in class it is very important to be technologically savvy these days so I feel like we all got a step up in our career paths.

    3. What was the least valuable?

    I think the least valuable aspect of the class was that a lot of people will stop blogging and leave the people who continue to blog with no followers!! Also, I feel like I still have a lot to learn! (we should have learned a little about Twitter)

    4. Do you think the book would help?

    I think the book would help for those who are actually serious about their blog!! I think the book would be a waste for the kids just trying to get an extra 3 hours. But for those of us serious about our field it would be greatly beneficial.


  2. . How would you improve the class?
    More structure and organization.

    2. What was the most valuable part of the class?
    The interaction and reliance on and with computers and the personal interaction with you and the other students. I learned a lot.

    3. What was the least valuable?
    I dont feel any of it was invaluable.

    4. Do you think the book would help?
    No! By the time the type dries, its out of date!

  3. 1) This class was amazing, the school needs more laid back teachers that are all about making learning fun and interesting. I dont think this class needs anything it was perfect the way it was.
    2) The most valuable part of this class is that blogging opened my eyes to see how much can really go into this, people canmake money off blogging and become even famous, this is so cool because I would have never known. I had no clue how to blog, now I have many toold to work with. By learning something new everyday I was able to make my blog look a lot better and i LOVE it!
    3) Nothing was invaluable. Everything we learned was related to the class and blogging itself.

    4) No, students don't need books to learn. I believe we will one day do away with a lot of books because hands on is so much more helpful. Students would prob just fork over the money for the class then sell it right back. This class didnt need a book because the professor was amazing, and unless this class is going to be taught in the future by someone boring, i don't suggest a book, because you already do a gret job of teaching us how to become bloggers.

  4. (just got off work, ugh)

    1. I'd change the name, as (to me) the name is kinda misleading. I thought there would be more of a news angle to the blogging....
    Also, make us learn something new every day. Posting a blog every class day was good to get us into the routine, but ideally I'd like a new tip every day as well.

    2. A lot. Hands on keyboards & blog running the first day was helpful. Relaxed teaching style led to lots of creative variety. Guest speaker was great. Examples of other successful blogs was good stuff. Uses for blogging & "new media" were insightful. I used to think blogs were for emo 15-year-olds writing bad poetry about true love. Not anymore.

    3. There were a couple days where I didn't learn anything new. I'm one of those weirdos that wants to really understand the subject before the class is over.

    4. I'd want to see the book before deciding.... I still have plenty to learn & a book would probably help. I feel it could teach me how to optimize things, but really its something we could figure out on our own by messing around with settings & such. Then again, I hate buying books that we never use. If the book's entire content can be put into lecture/demonstrations, then there doesn't seem to be a need for us to buy one.... Either way.

  5. How would I improve the class?

    Honestly, there is nothing that could have been done to improve the class. It was perfect and very liberating as a student to have the opportunity to make our own syllabus and for that matter even being asked for our opinions. How cool is that? This was the most relaxed, stress-free class environment I have ever had the pleasure of being in. At the same time, I felt like the class was conducive to the learning process. Meeting in class each day gave us an opportunity to interact with one another and even learn from one another.

    What was the most valuable part of the class?

    The whole entire class was valuable for me. I knew absolutely nothing about blogging before I started this class and the opportunities that blogging offers. I was introduced to a whole new world. If nothing else it's a great way of communicating and having your opinions and feelings heard, sometimes even validated.

    What is the least valuable part of the class?

    I can't say there is anything invaluable about this class except it seemed to go by really fast. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I learned alot. I would highly recommend it to others.

    Should Blogging for Dummies be required for the next class?

    I don't think so, everything we needed to know you taught us or we learned as a group from another classmate. Besides, not being required to purchase a book adds to the laid-backness of the class.

  6. 1. I learned a great deal in the class. I think the hands on teaching method worked perfect for this type of class. I never imagined that I could learn so much... so fast. I wish schools would offer more classes teaching 21st century journalism so that we could have a standing chance of making it after graduation.
    2. The most valuable part of the class was expanding our minds to learn new ways to express views and learning about new tools for journalist.
    3. I feel all of it was valuable. The hands on learning created the atmosphere needed to inspire good writing.
    4. I think a book would have done more harm than good in this particular subject... plus how much reading could we have done in less than 4 weeks. A book would have slowed down the learning process for this class.
    Thanks Doc, hope you don't change a thing so the next group of students can enjoy it as much I did. I'm going to keep it up so please keep looking and commenting on my blog.

  7. How would you improve the class?

    I thought the class was great! Like stated above it was nice to have a class where the professor seemed to guide is into our own niches to figure out what we really wanted to blog about and make it a fun class to want to go to!

    2. What was the most valuable part of the class?

    Working on my writing. Continuing with the blog would definitely help me improve my writing, think more about what I enjoy writing most.

    3. What was the least valuable?

    Nothing! I thought the class was great!

    4. Do you think the book would help?
    I don't think so. I mean obviously it would point out stuff and I may buy it, but I dont' think it should be mandatory. I think so much of the stuff is easily learned online or through class members and the teacher.

  8. review class: comment on prof clark's blog

    1. how would you improve class

    Class improvement? Hmm...I'm thinking possibly more assignments on specific things to critique our writing, and maybe a few more guest speakers.

    2. valuable part of class

    Seeing that having a blog can be a lucrative idea and can help as well.

    3. least valuable part of class

    That we never critique everyone's pages. To make them better.

    4. would requireing google blog for dummies

    I think that if someone decides to pursue blogging via Google Blogger it could be of a great help to them, but for this class...because it's so short I don't know if it would be a good buy.

  9. 1 I believe that giving the class more structure and giving more assignments would help.
    2. i really enjoyed how much blogging can help my career. So many employers no a days value that their employes are able to do things like this and do them well.
    3. I think that we could have criticed eachother more this way are blogs would be better improved. I also believe that we could have had more communication when it came to blogging.
    4. I think the book can really help if it is required. This would give students a refrence if they need to know something or have anyquestions.

  10. 1. How would you improve this class?
    I really couldn't think of any way to improve the class. The class had a great laid back atmosphere but we also learned alot about blogging.
    2. valuable part of the class?
    learning that blogging can help your career. now I can put that I have a blog on a resume.
    3. least valuable part of the class?
    4. I dont think the book would help at all!!

  11. 1). Once you learn more about blogging and blogspot then it will be easier to know how to improve the class.

    2). I now know that my writing is good enough and people like to read it. I hope I can use this class later in my career.

    3). Everything was valuable.

    4). No book.

  12. 1. How would you improve the class?
    I really enjoyed you class alot! Just like all the other ones. Only thing I would improve on is how the grading works. It was nice setting my own but it is always better when it is laid out for you before hand.

    2. What was the most valuable part of the class
    I think just starting my blog was valuable. I wanted to start one but never had the get up to get it done. So thanks for starting this! I liked the insight into others blogs.

    3. What was the least valuable?
    Sometimes felt like I was done blogging and then began just surfing the internet. I could do that at home and I would rather surf at home. Overall had a great time and I hope that I keep my blog up and running!

    Have a good rest of the summer!


  13. Oh yeah I forget to tell you about the book.
    I think it would be a good idea because even though most of us figured out I am sure there are a few tid bits of information I could learn.

  14. I posted a more descriptive answer on my blog...I really liked building a blog in this class. I just felt that we needed more curriculum, so the book would probably be a great idea.

  15. 1. How would you improve this class?
    The only thing I can think of is to have a daily topic to blog about. After that assignment is completed, then students can blog about anything else they choose.

    2. What was the most valuable part of the class for you?
    Learning that something that I've been doing for seven years could actually help me in a future career in communications!

    3. What was the least valuable part of the class for you?
    Though it's nice that we're able to post videos and music on our blogs, that, too, should have some kind of daily theme.

    4. Would a book (Google Blogger for Dummies) help?
    It couldn't hurt. I'm actually considering buying it some time in the near future.

    This was a great class! Thanks, Dr. Clark!! :)

  16. 1. How would you improve this class?

    I thought the class was awesome and I know I learned so much, but I do think that having a daily topic to write about would be good or give various topics to blog about for that week.

    2. What was the most valuable part of the class to you?

    Setting up the blogs and posting a blog every day because I felt like it helped my writing and also giving us time to play with our blogs it helped me figure out how to set things up.

    3. What was the least valuable part of the class for you?
    I enjoyed the class and felt like I learned a lot so I can't really say.

    4. Would a book(Google Blogger for Dummies)help?
    I don't think it would hurt and you might learn something new that you couldn't learn on your own. But then again I was still able to figure a lot out on my own without one.

    I loved the class though Dr. Clark!!

  17. 1. Improve? How can you improve upon perfection? I really enjoyed this course. It gave us the opportunity to let our personalities shine through our blogs, which helped us connect with our classmates.

    2. I think the most valuable part of the class was the freedom we were granted to blog our little hearts out! I liked being able to put my thoughts out there and get some feed back from my peers.

    3. I honestly did not find any portion of this class to be invaluable.

    4. Not too sure about the book....maybe if I looked through it. Actually, if there is a portion that you feel is vital to the course maybe make illegal photo copies and charge the students for them!