Monday, June 21, 2010

Stories everywhere!

A month after being a reporter for the Journal Record, my writing has improved, and so have my eyes and ears.

There are stories everywhere, needing to be written. Just finished two for Persimmon Hill at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum for it's 37th Prix de West show. One on Dr. bob Pickering of the Gilcrease in Tulsa talking about "The Image of the Bison." The other on sculptor Richard Loffert's sculpting demonstration of a live eagle.

Other stories:  "Husbands keep me in business." There's the lead of a story on window washers.

Susan paid to have our windows cleaned, and the young guy who did the two day job--yes, they were really dirty and all had storm windows--is a pro, taking over with his brother from his dad's business.

Today, I was talking to Charlotte Waddle, administrative assistant for the department, and she tells me about what her church did for Fathers' Day--displays of hobbies, etc., inside. Outside, the dads' car show--cars, trucks, Rvs, the whole bit, for meeting after service, and then lunch served.

I don't think I've ever hear a church doing this before. What a neat idea.

Charlotte says that's what we need newspapers for, to read interesting stories about real people, but today when yo pick up a paper, most people think nothing is in it. That's because they're not telling stories.
It's pretty simple--wish newspapers would figure it out.

Me, I'm ready to do some more writing!


  1. Today, newspapers should be renamed the Debbie Downer Papers. There is more articles about sad things than the happy things and it's just kind of...well...down.

  2. yes..."If it bleeds, it leads" which is true and sad that our news is filled with crime, death, who shot who, who robbed who, body was found where and so on. Lets find out what the good hearted Oklahomans are up to!!

  3. So true Professor Clark. Everyone loves a "feel good" story. I am with you sir, let us get to writing!

  4. Yes, newspapers need to figure this out. Maybe then they won't disappear! I'm sick of lazy journalists that write about whatever is on the wire...enough! I know you'll change the world Dr. Clark.