Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's next?

Let's see..tornadoes, hail, wind, deluge, floods. Maybe frogs and locusts? We already have had darkness--the Okie legislature!

A guy floated by my house yesterday in a really, really big boat. Had a beard. He said his name was Noah.

Pat Robertson will probably say God's punishing us, like he did the people of Haiti.  What for?

Maybe the Neanderthal Republican legislature? or Fox "news"? Other possibilities you can think of?


  1. Yay for sarcasm! LOL

    Pat Robertson on the other hand...I'd like to punt his ass straight to hell, but that's just me. I lived in Virginia Beach and vicinity for 11 years...we had to hear that every hurricane season...

  2. No worse than the local news.
    "Its the end of the world!!" It got old during the last ice storm, yet they still brought it out yesterday....

  3. Well...let's see...this year we've had 2 BIG snow storms, one of which was in March. We've also had above our normal average tornadoes, and now we're flooding...I thought we were going to turn into a mutant and human battle yesterday...I looked outside and thought we were in Kevin Costner's Waterworld?!

  4. Pat Robertson probably thinks we're being punished for Oklahoma's scandalous color of dirt. Red!?! How dare we live and build on such a wicked color!

  5. Red dirt for a Red state, with a comment from a red head!

  6. you are so funny! Well if we are following the ten plagues then fire should be next!!