Thursday, October 12, 2017

Today's Agenda

Verb lesson, exercise
Description review and your writing
Individual critique of your first paragraphs for essay number two

Assignment--Due Oct.  24  Revise first paragraph, outline, typed

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Today's agenda

Assignment hand-in
Grade assessment so far
Description exercise
Note check
Grades so far--story return

Monday, October 9, 2017

Assignment summary, grading scale

English Comp assignments so far

45 points/ 9  in-class writing @ 5 each
10—essay  outline, sentences
50—Essay  One
5—Possible revision points
5—Peer review
10—peer review comments
10—Notes for profile essay

130 so far
10—Outline, first paragraph due today
140 total

Grading scale
A—117 or above
B—104 or above
C—91 or above
D—78 or above

A—126 or above
B-112 or above
C---98 or above
D—84 or above

Semester’s remaining assignments and points
100--Essay two—due Oct. . 26
5 possible--Essay two revision
100—Essay three—due Nov. 30
60—Other assignments

Total points—400
Grading scale
A—360 or above
B—320 or above
C—280 or above
D—240 or above      

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Story telling time, today's assignment

What makes a good story?
You tell me:

Assignments due:
Typed notes
This is a story about sentence
What else do you need to know
Essay reading and type answers from reading assignment
Review of your notes
Write your first sentence and outline

Typed first paragraph
Type Outline

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Travel writing assignments

Check this link as a guideline:
What to write in a journal

1. Keep a daily journal--dated, receipts, maps, photos, money, etc
2. Write impressions, be specific
3. Interview someone for first story--profile--600-1,000 words. Describe,, quote, everything applied so far
4. Be prepared to write 1,000 word essay for third story, based on your journal, with two outside sources--details later

Today's agenda

Assignment turn in
Revision turn in
Second interview
Revision consultation (one on one)
Tutoring Central
How to read in college
Tuesday assignments:
1. What else need to know
2. Type notes and hand in
3. Read essay, taxonomy questions
A. What is this essay about?
B. What is the writer's viewpoint?
C. Do you know of any examples personally? 
D. What is the writer's outline?
E. Do you think the writer is correct? Why?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Today's agenda

Notetaking, reading and writing--handouts and blog
Peer review couples
Copies to Clark
15 min beginning interviews
Return of first essay

If you choose to revise, based on my grade, comments and peer review
(If your grade is 45 of 50 points or higher, no revision):

Due Thursday, Sept. 28.
Revised essay, plus original stapled to the back.

Assignment due Thursday:

One paragraph, typed. What did you learn about writing from your peer review? (15 points).
Be specific, and explain why?