Thursday, November 30, 2017

Evaluation, grade appointments

Grade appointments
Dec. 5
9:30 am--Morgan Yates
Stevi Tomlinson
Grace Sanchez
9:45--Erin Raiden
Maddie Prough
Kaci Phillips
10:00--Marquisha Moore
Jayla Littles
Grace Haire
10:15—Kevin Gordon
Silvia Garcia
Yasmine Cole
Austin Baker
Brad Andrews
Dec. 7
9:30—Haven Campbell
John Davis
Anna Felix
9:45--Wiley Kerr
Alex Kramer
Drew London
10:00--Allie Rice

Anna Shovlin

Grade guide for essay 3

Here's how I'll grade your paper:

Clark’s Grade Checklist—Third Essay 1,000 words -  100 points, Due Nov. 30
(Each on a scale of 1 to 5)
5 points—Followed all instructions
5 points--Outline, revised first paragraph attached to back
5 points—Format, word count, one side of paper
10-15 points—Grammar, punctuation, sentence fragments
(Automatic -20 points for spelling errors)
15 points—Paragraph structure
20 points—Content
15 points—Organization
10 points—Effective Introduction, thesis
5 points—Effective conclusion
5 points--Sources
5-10 points—Originality, creativity

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Grade point updates

Here is a summary of grade possibilities so far:

Midterm...140 possible

100 points--Essay two -profile
10 points--peer review comments
5 points--revise #2
5 points--plagiarism quiz
5 points--several paragraph exercises
5 points--comparison/contrast exercise
5 points--outline, 1st paragraph of essay 3
5 points--good writing exercise
5 points--poetry in-class writing prompt
5 points--conclusion exercise-Nov. 21
5 points extra credit--conclusion exercise--Nov. 21
5 points--Second paragraph, #3 -Nov. 28
100 points--Essay 3-Nov. 30
5 points--peer review-Dec. 5
Total, second half--260
Total semester--400

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What makes good writing?

Today's Agenda:
1. Assignment, essay 2 revision due
2. What do you need help with?
3. Writing prompt--Ben Myers poem, "The professor pauses mid-lecture."
4. Discussion of your comments
5. Good writing analysis from Hillerman, Bowden assignment
6. Vista writing analysis of difference
7. Review due dates for essay 3

What can you learn from good writing?  
1.      What are five characteristics that make these samples good writing? Give specific examples.
2.      What two things about their writing can you use to improve yours? Be specific.
·         Storytelling
·         Action Verbs
·         Description
·         Precise details
·         Imagery (similes, metaphors)
·         Emotion (why?)
What is one thing that really stands out to you about this writing? Why?
·         Storytelling
·         Action Verbs
·         Description
·         Precise details
·         Imagery (similes, metaphors)
·         Emotion (why?)
What is one thing that really stands out to you about this writing? Why?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Survival Guide

Clark’s College Survival Guide for Classes
(Treat college like your job, a job you’re paying to have)
  1. ·         Show up
  2. ·         On time
  3. ·         If commuting, leave early. If not commuting, leave early.
  4. ·         Follow instructions
  5. ·         Take notes in every class
  6. ·         Complete assignments on time
  7. ·         Show an interest in the class
  8. ·         Speak up, ask questions
  9. ·         Don’t be the only person in class to do so
  10. ·         Read the assignments, books and other assigned sources
  11. ·         Don’t plagiarize—do your own work, in your own words
  12. ·         Learn your professors’ names, spell them correctly
  13. ·         Learn your professors’ pet peeves, interests
  14. ·         Don’t make excuses for poor work—learn and correct it
  15. ·         Don’t whine
  16. ·         You have to take classes you’re not interested in. So? Be an adult and do the work.
  17. ·         Take classes in your interest as soon as possible.
  18. ·         Don’t take a bunch of hard classes in all the same semester—spread them out.
  19. ·         Write complete sentences
  20. ·         Grammar problems? Go to Grammarly on line, or tutoring center
  21. ·         Stay off your phones, no earplugs
  22. ·         Avoid sitting at back of class
  23. ·         Be noticed by the professor for good reasons
  24. ·         Many professors have psychological “fudge factors.” If you’ve followed these tips and your grade is on the borderline, it often pays off.

Socially there is much more to college than class.
  1. ·         Get an internship.
  2. ·         Get involved with a group, any group. Make new friends.
  3. ·         Go to events.
  4. ·         Have fun.
  5. ·         Follow your passions.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

8 days left agenda

1. Fact, opinion, generalizations
2. Thesis--what is the point?
3. Today's exercise--(5 points)
4 Nov. 14-- Assignment--comparison/contrast discussion-- (5 points):
 thesis, outline on fast food vs. home--discussion of thesis
5. Revised essay number 2 due--follow guidelines (up to 5 points)
Nov. 16--Outline, thesis, first paragraph of 1,000 word third essay due (5 points)
6. Nov. 21--Library lesson?
7. Nov. 28--Revised first paragraph due (5 points)
8 Nov. 30--Third essay due (100 points--no revision) Peer review assignment
9. Dec. 5--peer review (5 points)
10. Dec. 7--last day of class, evaluaiton

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Assignment change up--comparison/contrast


Comparison/contrast essay

For your appointment (typed):

1.List the two ads you're reviewing for persuasive strategy. What is first difference/likeness you notice?
2. Bring three url sources for essay with you to writing appointment.
3. Bring rough outline for essay with you (based on reading the above example)
4. Bring peer review sheet with you.
5. Bring paragraph exercises with you.
6. Revision due Nov. 14--first version and copy of peer review attached to back.