Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Moving on--today's agenda

1. Essay one submission.
2. Choosing, assigning  partners
3. Profile assignment review
4. Interviewing lesson
5. Peer review assignment, essay one, due Tuesday
6. Tuesday Sept. 26--peer review meeting
7. Essay one return for revision
8. Revision due Thursday, Sept. 28

Monday, September 18, 2017

Today's agenda

1. Assignment hand in
2. Submission guidelines
3. Assignment review
4. Wordiness exercises
5. Quiz

Submission guidelines Essay one

Essay one--50 points. 500-550 words.
Due at beginning of class. Email not accepted.
Late work not accepted (Earns a "0" -- "F") (Don't be absent.). 
1. Make sure you run spell check. 25  percent off for a misspelled word.
2. Use 12 point Times New Roman or Times.
3. Double spaced
4. At top of page 1, left side:
Word Count
5. Centered before story--Your Title
6. Story
7. Must be stapled, upper left corner
No fancy covers; Must be stapled when you come to class. 
8. First draft first paragraph, and outline stapled at end of story.
9. Submit one extra copy of essay only.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Getting over fear of being wrong--Taking risks

Writing assignment: What risk have you taken and why?

Writing practice subject

It has been said that any significant personal achievement is usually the result of hard work, talent, intelligence, imagination, and luck. Describe one significant incidence of luck in your life.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Essay checklist

Essay Review Checklist
·      What is the main point of the essay?
·      Does the introduction interest you enough to keep reading?
·      Is the essay organized effectively?
·      Does the writer go off on any other rants/directions than what matches the main point?
·      Does the description help you “see” what the writer is showing you? Or does the writer just tell you what happened?
·      What is the best part?
·      How does the writer conclude the essay? Does it solely repeat the main point or offer something new?
·      Does it have a title? Follow MLA format?
·      What recommendations can you make for improvement?
·      Are there spelling errors? Are the sentences too long? Too short? Is the punctuation correct?
·      Are there enough paragraph breaks, or do you find yourself reading and reading without a pause?

Today's agenda

Your outline
Your revised introduction
Paragraph reading
Paragraph exercise
Review checklist
Assignment--quiz on reading